Grilling on the balcony

It’s a lot of fun to bring the grill out of its winter storage onto the terrace or into the garden in spring. For many people, this is a matter of course, but unfortunately not possible for other grill enthusiasts. If only a balcony is available for grilling, it can be associated with trouble. This is often the case when the balcony is just one of many in an apartment building. Many a grill has sparked heated arguments with neighbors and property owners when they complain about the pure balcony grill. Grilling on the balcony can be difficult to realize if the neighbor isn’t invited.

If the balcony or loggia is the only available space for grilling, there are many important considerations to take into account. Year after year, the question arises of whether and when grilling on the balcony is even permissible. As long as your grilling doesn’t disturb neighbors, you can enjoy balcony grilling with a clear conscience. However, if the quality of life of other residents is affected by strong odors and smoke, criticism is likely sooner or later.

Gas Grills & More on the Balcony

Gas Grills & More on the Balcony

Charcoal smoke and soot on a neighbor’s balcony are often the cause of disputes. An alternative to the charcoal grill is the electric grill. There are models designed for the table, which is advantageous for a very small balcony.

A gas grill presents itself as neighbor-friendly because its advantages quickly convince. Unlike the charcoal grill and the electric grill, a gas grill lid significantly reduces smoke and odor, and there is no dangerous spark emission. The lid is only briefly opened to place, turn, and flip the food. Additionally, there’s the fire safety aspect. Charcoal grills on the balcony are not recommended as they pose a real fire hazard due to open flames. Gas grills come in very different designs, capacities, and price ranges. You’re well served if you prioritize good quality when purchasing. Another advantage of a gas grill is the avoidance of odor-intensive accelerants, which are inexplicably and irresponsibly used with charcoal grills.

For peaceful coexistence

It doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a try: inviting the neighbors to grill on the balcony. Often, the ice is broken through this cozy gathering, and it may also offer the opportunity for a discussion. At this event, listen to the neighbors’ opinions and consider what you could possibly change about your grilling habits in the future. Many problems can be solved over a delicious steak and a glass of beer. You should also address the frequency of grilling. Neighbors have very different tolerances.

Grilling at the right time is equally important for peace. Grilling is often fun and entertaining, which is noticeable due to the high volume. After 10 p.m., the noise level must be significantly reduced, and all types of grilling should be stopped – for the sake of peace. Although there is no uniform legal regulation for grilling on the balcony, frequent grilling has often led to lease terminations. A balcony grilling ban may be included in the lease agreement. In an apartment building, you should not grill more than twice a month unless your neighbors also enjoy grilling and have no problem with it. When grilling, you also need to consider the smell in your own apartment, so always close the windows.

If it doesn’t work out with your own balcony grill despite all efforts, a grill picnic is also an appealing alternative.