What is a Laptop Grill?

Grilling isn’t always feasible with a large gas or charcoal grill. While a high-quality gas grill is top-tier, it may not fulfill certain requirements due to lack of mobility. If you don’t have a garden or terrace for grilling, a larger grill is unfortunately not an option. Perhaps you want the grill to be mobile, as grilling for you is only possible in designated spots in nature. For example, spending a day by the lake with family and enjoying a grill immediately enhances the quality of life! In summer, many people are drawn outdoors, planning trips. So why not take the grill for a picnic? For this purpose, the laptop grill is very suitable. It can be easily carried by the handles and can also be placed practically anywhere, even on a bicycle tour. Handling it is uncomplicated. With a laptop grill (folding grill, notebook grill), simply fill it with charcoal, wait for it to glow well, and then you can start grilling. Meat, vegetarian dishes, and much more can be deliciously prepared on it.

What are the advantages of a Laptop Grill?

With a laptop grill, you have mobility when grilling. You’re not dependent on a fixed and permanent place at home. It’s compact and can be practically set up almost anywhere as desired. Setting up a laptop grill is child’s play and requires no technical understanding. It just needs to be unfolded, and soon the grilling fun can begin. The weight is also pleasant, so it doesn’t take much effort to carry it from the parking lot to a slightly more distant grilling spot. Another plus point is the price; even with a small budget, this purchase is financially feasible. If you want to take a grill on vacation, a laptop grill is perfect. For example, you can prepare fresh fish and seafood in the garden of your vacation home by the sea, on a camper trip, or at the campsite, if allowed. However, remember to bring enough charcoal; it’s not available in all foreign vacation areas. When you no longer need the grill, you can store it without taking up much space. With a heat shield in the form of a metal sheet, the laptop grill can also be used on the smallest balcony. Cleaning is easy and requires minimal effort.

Varieties and Prices

A folding grill – the laptop grillA laptop grill, also called a folding grill or suitcase grill, can have very different prices because the designs also vary considerably. The cheapest models are available from as low as 7 euros. However, those expecting a complete collapsible grill will be disappointed with these cheapest models. In reality, these budget models consist only of a collapsible grill grate, which is placed over any fire pit with two handles. They are not recommended for use directly on grass; a fire bowl is useful here. Starting from around 10 euros, there are folding grills that come closer to the idea of a grill. They have a grill grate, and the rest of the grill folds up. If you don’t want to burn the ground (for example, the grass), look for models with at least 18 cm high legs. The model range starts at around 16 euros. As the price increases, so do the features. There are models with adjustable grill grates or accessories such as a bag to transport the required charcoal. Other manufacturers include a camping lamp or grill utensils with their laptop grill. Many models are made of galvanized sheet metal. Some models have a fire-resistant coating. Models made of polished stainless steel are available from around 25 euros. Higher-priced models often come with a carrying bag matching the laptop grill. They provide a good transport option for the laptop grill and also protect it from moisture during storage. The dimensions and weights prioritize portability. Therefore, many of the folding grills are small and light. The weights typically range between 2 and 6 kg, with approximate dimensions of 20×40 cm.

Good Laptop Grills

So far, we have only looked at two laptop grills. Both are excellent folding grills and are operated with charcoal. Usually, it’s much more complicated to carry charcoal for a picnic than the portable grill itself, but in both cases, it wasn’t a problem as both laptop grills could be operated with a small amount of charcoal. We lit these on the grill grate by placing a grill lighter underneath. So, you don’t have to carry much.

Buying Tips

Although buying a laptop grill doesn’t involve significant investments, you still want to pay attention to some important features. Stability plays a big role if you value safety when grilling. Wobbly grills can cause problems because the temperature from the hot charcoal should not be underestimated. A tipping grill can quickly start a fire, not to mention the risk of injury. Make sure the grate sits securely on the grill, as otherwise, the steak could easily end up on the ground when turning the food. Value quality; it always pays off when grilling. Examine hinges and sheet metal closely. Hinges should move smoothly. Models with legs are recommended as they provide a safe distance from the ground.

A Word on Safety

As with any other grill, we recommend wearing grill gloves. Use grill tongs for turning food. Also, keep a bottle of water handy. Water is essential for extinguishing the charcoal after grilling. Keep playing and romping children away from the grill.